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What do we do

We apply the newest BIM technology-based solutions to the investment processes in the industry and construction sectors.

We create virtual 3D/BIM models accompanied by databases. Our models are useful throughout the whole life cycle of a building: from construction planning to commercialization and operational phase.

The end-product of our work is a model of the building accompanied by the information resources for the investor, the main contractor, and the property manager – all prepared according to our clients’ needs.

The highest quality visual database can be used and processed by architects, IT professsionals, and Facility Management.

We prepare virtual models based on various data: from point clouds to both technical and project documentation.

We use universal modeling tools and solutions useful across various standards and work environments. We share knowledge and experience with our partners.In our work, we leverage the Building Information Modeling / Management (BIM) technology. Our service offering spans on all stages of the investment process.

We verify data from construction, executive, and as-built documentations.

We check the accordance of the property’s actual condition against the 3D scan data.

We systemize information about the building in a user-friendly manner for the purpose of spatial and financial analyses.

Fields of Activity

Fields of Activity

Models of large-volume and engineer buildings for the industrial sector.

Models of technology lines to support the development’s coordination.

Integration of the building data into various systems, including the FM platforms.

Measurement of facilities using 3D scanning method.

With us, you:

Leverage our wide experience and secure the successful execution of your project.

Are able to choose the optimal approach from the current market technology solutions.

Get individual, highest quality service, tailored to the project requirements.

Are supported with the information models during the database implementation phase.

Case studies

Onsite work. Improving managers’ and engineers’ workflows during refurbishment works during the designing, preparation, and installation phases.

15000sqm of the conveyor belts area
1200scanner positions in the operating facility
25 000model elements
900m of the conveyor belts

of BIM models

months of experience

completed projects

analyzed guaranty cards

hours of modelling